Passage of Focus: Daniel 10:1-14

In the above mentioned passage we see Daniel the man of God fasting for 21 days (purely on fruits and veggies). After 21, and angel of the Lord sent from Heaven came with an apocalyptic revelation regarding the future of Israel.

The angel reveals that his prayer was heard from the first day of his prayer and fasting, but the Prince of Persia withstood it for that period. The archangel Michael eventually intervened, and the angel came to Daniel. This intervention occurred because of Daniel’s persevering prayer and fasting.

The Prince of Persia is a spirit being (principality) from the kingdom of darkness that had control over the territory of Persia. Ephesians 6:12 talks about powers and principalities, and the Prince of Persia falls under this category. Its function was to influence the kingdom of Persia against God’s will.

Later on in the chapter, the angel talks about the prince of Greece, this is a principality that had control over the territory of Greece (v 20). Today, the different nations we live in also have territorial principalities that influence our nation against God’s will.

From Daniel’s example, we learn that prayer with fasting is imperative if we are serious about seeing God’s Kingdom advance dynamically in our nations. From Daniel’s story we also learn that all of our prayers go up to God immediately, however certain breakthroughs only come through with fervent prayer and fasting.

However, we must by no means ever feel intimidated by these powers and principalities, for Col. 2:15 tells us that our Lord Jesus disarmed them as He was crucified.

I pray that in 2014 the LORD will lead you to a life of richer and deeper prayer and fasting, and a greater manifestation of His Kingdom in our lives, families, businesses and nation. Amen

By Mano Juvane