My Testimony

Biography of D.L.E.

A former atheist turned urban missionary and minister of the Gospel, Christian rapper D.L.E. dedicates his life to preaching and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to his generation. A look into his life story and ministry reveals the authenticity of God’s grace and life changing power of the Gospel, which pulled him out of a lifestyle of total darkness and manifests itself through his “in your face “ rap lyrics and personal devotion to the Lord.

Hermano “D.L.E.” Juvane was born in Maputo Mozambique on 6 May 1987, but lived 5 years of his childhood in the USA with his parents and older brother. Growing up in a good home, D.L.E. was your typical descent and well-mannered boy who any parent would be proud of. A storm suddenly hit him – D.L.E. lost his father at the tender age of 12. The trauma and pain he faced from the loss, as well as the dramatic and life threatening family feuds that followed caused him to find refuge in a lifestyle of excessive alcohol consumption, promiscuity, violence and rebellion.

Growing up in the absence of an exemplary male figure, most of D.L.E.’s role models were mainstream Hip Hop stars such as The Notorious B.I.G., Big Punisher and Necro. The negative influence that surrounded him in his teens began to reflect itself through his grades and conduct at school, and his rebellious attitude towards his mother. “As a teen I felt like I could do whatever I wanted,” he recalls. “Sometimes I’d break my mother’s rules on purpose by coming back home past midnight, and she’d try and kick me out of the house. I would use my physical strength against her and bulldoze my way back in.”

In 2006 he relocated to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa to pursue his BCom Degree at the University of Natal. It was then that his wild lifestyle reached its peak – having multiple affairs with women, increase in alcohol consumption and frequently getting into fights and feuds. “I had no control over my life. I would get drunk and sleep around during weekdays, and club with my friends on weekends” he remembers. He once started a fight that turned into a riot, and somebody from the neighborhood eventually called the police. On that night he ran away from the police, and had to hide at a friend’s house room to avoid getting stabbed by groups of his enemies who were after him.

Although he was totally ignorant of the Gospel, there was a void in him that he couldn’t understand. One morning on his way to IT class, a random girl he walked by told him the words “Jesus loves you”. Those 3 words impacted him so greatly and took him on a 9 month “truth seeking journey”, that ended when he bowed his knees gave his life to Jesus during a church service on the 2nd of July 2007. He immediately got plugged into a local church, and became deeply involved in campus ministry and evangelism. The combination of his passion for preaching God’s truth to the lost and his flair for rapping resulted in the birth of his Christian Rap ministry that took off on a campus outreach event in 2009.

Today he resides in Johannesburg, South Africa and serves faithfully at Fourways Community Church. D.L.E. stands as a voice crying out to his generation that God’s Kingdom has come, and that there is a Savior and His name is Jesus.