Hear, O Israel: Thou art to pass over Jordan this day, to go in to possess nations GREATER and MIGHTIER than thyself, cities great and fenced up to heaven,
Deut. 9:1 (emphasis added)

What’s good fam! It’s really been a minute since I wrote my last blog. I got good news for you! God has a great plan for your life… But there is just ONE problem…You are too small for God’s plan!

Today during my morning devotion I read the above mentioned Scripture, and it became so alive that it almost seemed like it jumped off the page! God showed me that I am too small for the plans He has for me, and so are you!

In the book of Deuteronomy (the 5th book in the Bible), Moses reiterated the Laws and promises of God to the nation of Israel. The LORD had supernaturally delivered the Israelites from Egypt, and promised to usher them into their promised land (Canaan). However, He had to test the nation for 40 years in the wilderness before they could enter into the Promised Land.

In the above mentioned verse, Moses tells them to cross the Jordan river, and possess the nations (that at the time inhabited the Promised Land) that were GREATER and MIGHTIER than them. The Promised Land at the time was possessed by giants, and many archeologists have found their fossils that indicate that they were up to and above 8 feet tall!

Now how could the Israelites, who were normal sized people, defeat races of giants in battle? What kind of joke is this? It seems like God gave them an impossible task! The reason for this is that God was with the Israelites, and He would supernaturally empower and intervene for them. That’s just what He did! Before they possessed their Promised Land, God told them that He would give them victory over the races of giants. God did this because the Israelites were too small for God’s plan!

The same way God gave Israel a promise, He also has a very great promise and plan for your life. But there is one problem! As I mentioned before, you are too small for God’s plan! For some of you God’s plan is a very great business venture, for others it’s a specific career path. For others it’s a calling to the ministry.

Whatever the case is, His plan for you is BIGGER and GREATER than you can imagine. The same way He told the Israelites that the nations they would possess were greater and mightier than them, the plans that He has for you are bigger than you, and you will need to fully depend on Him to accomplish them!

There is a saying that “If your dream doesn’t scare, it’s not of God”. This is not an empty cliché, its Biblical truth. As you faithfully pursue the business/career/ministry path the Lord has in store for you, you will begin to see His plan unfold before your eyes and realize how small your plans were. God’s plans are always beyond than your imaginations and capabilities.

Here below are some spiritual tips you should apply to stay on track for the mission God has given you:

– Spend time daily with God through prayer and reading the Bible
– Ask the Lord to guide you into your destiny
– Ask God to give you wisdom and discernment for your daily decisions
– Get advice from mature Christians and people with knowledge and understanding in your area of interest
– Spend a lot of time reading books that will equip you for your area of interest.
– Also spend add fasting (abstinance from food) to your prayers, and listen to what God says